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Thomas Broudy,


Chief Scientific Officer

Thomas Broudy, PhD, is Chief Scientific Officer at Molecular Response, responsible for scientific study design, technology evaluation, and establishment of validated service offerings in the company’s laboratory group.Prior to Molecular Response, Dr. Broudy served as Director at AltheaDx, working closely with the Business Development and R&D teams to establish successful genomic service offerings, including microarray, RT-PCR, and nucleic acid isolation. He led efforts that resulted in establishment of 6 partnership programs for biomarkers and companion diagnostic development in oncology and infectious disease with pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

Dr. Broudy spent six years at Affymetrix, an industry-leading manufacturer of microarray tools, where he helped grow the company’s pharmacogenomic and toxicogenomic solutions in support of pharmaceutical R&D. Specifically, Dr. Broudy led efforts to define requirements, content and applications for the company’s leading drug metabolizing enzyme and transporter genotyping microarray. He participated in multiple industry/academia collaborations, including studies with Marshfield Clinic to identify genetic markers for warfarin response, and represented the company in the PharmaADME working group.

Dr. Broudy earned his PhD in infectious disease from The Rockefeller University and studied host/microbial genomics in his postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology, as well as Stanford University School of Medicine.