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Kenna Anderes


Senior Vice President of Translational Medicine

Kenna Anderes is Senior Vice President of Translational Medicine at Molecular Response with 20 years research and development experience in cancer, cardiovascular & metabolic disease.

Dr. Anderes has demonstrated leadership and the ability to formulate the strategic direction of large and small multidisciplinary teams by leveraging target validation, mechanism of action, biomarker and co-diagnostic tools to ensure scientific validation preclinically in order to position programs for clinical proof of concept.

Most recently Dr. Anderes held an executive leadership role at Cylene Pharmaceuticals where she managed the successful progression of proprietary oncology-focused programs through discovery and into clinical development.

For over 12 years Dr. Anderes held several group leader and senior scientist positions at major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, such as Pfizer, Warner Lambert, Agouron and Alanex. Her contributions include multiple publications, patents and novel agents brought forward for clinical evaluation.

Dr. Anderes earned a B.S. in microbiology from the University of Illinois and a PhD in pharmacology from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Dr. Anderes was awarded a postdoctoral research fellowship in pharmacology at the University of California San Diego.