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Flow Cytometry

Molecular Response offers a full line of flow cytometry services, from standardized testing of validated assays to custom development of new assays.

Validated assays can be run under both non-GLP and GLP in our laboratory. In all cases, we ensure robustness and confidence in your data by validating all our assays against the following parameters:
Linear range, dynamic range
Limit of quantitation, limit of detection
A key part of our competency is to monitor tumor features in the Molecular Response Tumor Bank prior to drug treatment. We have developed and validated a set of flow cytometry-based Tumor Markers Assays enabling us to readily distinguish percent epithelial tumor across a broad number of indications.
Following ex vivo drug treatment of tumor cells, we regulary utilize a series of cell growth, apoptosis and viability assays.
We have in-house assays validated for the following:
Tumor Cell Markers
Tumor Cell Aneuploidy
Lymphocyte Markers
Cell Growth
Cell Viability

Custom flow assays are often requested by our partners, especially to investigate a therapeutic target of interest. Assay are typically developed by evaluation of multiple antibodies (when available) and titrating concentrations that can be used to stain between 20,000 – 100,000 cells. Based on the titration, antibody dilutions are made and we perform the same rigorous validation as used for all in-house assays.