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Tumor DNA

With the world’s largest bank of viable cryopreserved tumor cells, Molecular Response provides a wide variety of tumor genomic DNA for cancer researchers. The bank was collected over the past 20 years from a US population, with matched histology/path review and associated ex-vivo treatment data for each specimen.


Molecular Response offers genomic DNA isolated from patient samples in the tumor bank. Choose from thousands of specimens by using the search feature to locate samples of interest. Each specimen includes the following characterization:

  • Cancer Type
  • Clinical Diagnosis
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Histology
  • Pathology Review

Additional information, such as drug response data and IHC marker status may be available for specimens; contact [email protected] for assistance in finding additional characterization data. All DNA specimens are provided in 500 ng quantities. Quality and purity of genomic DNA is tested using a spectrophotometer.


The unique nature and size of the tumor bank at Molecular Response offers several advantages to cancer researchers:

The large number of specimens available enables researchers to quickly complete the molecular characterization of significant sample sets without the need to recruit patients. For more common indications, hundreds or even thousands of patient specimens are available to screen. The bank includes rare indications that would be difficult to locate or recruit elsewhere.

The genomic DNA is isolated from tumor cells that have been disaggregated and cryopreserved. Research1 has shown significant levels of intratumor heterogeneity. By sampling from disaggregated tumors, genomic DNA from Molecular Response represents multiple regions of the tumor.


Genomic DNA from Molecular Response is ready to use for sequencing, copy number, and mutation analysis.


Molecular Response can assist in specimen selection and answer questions regarding tumor genomic DNA. Contact Molecular Response support at (858)622-2900, or email [email protected]


Tumor DNA Datasheet

1 Gerlinger et. al. (2012) N Engl J Med 2012; 366:883-892; Intratumor Heterogeneity and Branched Evolution Revealed by Multiregion Sequencing