About Us

In 2010, Molecular Response acquired (and has since maintained) a large living tumor biobank of over 140,000 disaggregated tumors. Viably cryopreserved in nitrogen vapor, the biobank spans over 55,000 independent living tumors across nearly every human cancer type.  Until 2015, Molecular Response served numerous clients as an ex vivo modeling contract research organization (CRO).  Over 165 projects were completed for clients ranging from academia and government to biotechnology and pharma. Development and application of patient-derived xenografts (PDX), cell line-derived xenografts (CDX) and 3D Ex Vivo (3DX) tissue cultures has positioned Molecular Response as a global leader in clinically relevant ex vivo modeling for human cancer.

While staying true to its core scientific focus, Molecular Response shifted its core business model to a biobanking and biotechnology company in 2015.  We expanded our state-of-the-art biospecimen repository to also serve external clients’ biobanking needs, and we continue to utilize our patent-protected, advanced ex vivo platforms with a new focus of discovering tumor microenvironment (TME)-disrupting oncology drugs.