Immune Oncology

Patient-aligned Immune Oncology Models:

  • Tumor Biobank: 59,000 Oncology Patients Spanning 50+ Tumor Indications
  • 133,000 Viably Frozen Tumor Cryovials; 1000’s of matched FFPE blocks
  • Optimized Isolation Protocols: Tumors (3DX-TGA), Tumor/Cancer-Associated Fibroblast (TAF/CAF), and Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL)
    • TUMOR isolation via high-fidelity, human-TME aligned 3DX-TGA models (patents/publications)
    • TAF/CAF isolation via well-established human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) isolation protocols
    • TIL isolation protocols can be varied to drive differential CD4:CD8 ratios and checkpoint modulators (e.g., PD-1)



Research & Business Opportunities:

  *** We are actively seeking IO Modeling Partners or Sponsor(s)

  • Acquire Patient Tumor Cryovials (PTC) for your own internal R&D efforts
  • Work collaboratively with Molecular Response to cooperatively build indication-specific immune oncology platforms (Patient-matched: Tumor + TIL + TAF)
  • Inquire about our proposed immune oncology benchmarking project: exclusivity or consortium-based effort (projected: 4Q2016)