Human Ex Vivo Modeling

Our models are backed by over 20 years of ex vivo modeling experience.

Tumor Biobank

The Molecular Response (MRL) biobank is comprised of tumor tissue from over 55,000 cancer patients.  The biobank has over 130,000 viably frozen cryovials, with each cryovial containing the entire disaggregated tumor resection.  For many patients, we also have matched FFPE blocks and/or histology slides.

Tumor Tissue Cryovials

Each primary human tumor tissue cryovial contains approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000+ viable cells, and the biobank contains 1-20 viably frozen cryovials per patient. Tumor cryovials can be directly acquired (link) or Molecular Response can prospectively develop 3DX models, based on each client’s modeling or translational interests.

Living Biobank (Ex Vivo)

Our ex vivo R&D efforts are centered on two work streams. Previous efforts with PDX model generation were partnered. Our current efforts are focused on ex vivo 3D (3DX) modeling.  Given higher ex vivo initiation and propagation rates, along with lower costs, we have generated 100’s of 3DX tumor models.

Viably Resected Human Tumor Samples

With over 100,000 Patient Tumor Cell (PTC) cryovials spanning more than 38 cancer indications, laboratory-controlled whole tumor ex vivo modeling experiments can address your basic or translational research questions.

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