Tumor BioBank


Over 20,000 Primary Tumors Available (acquire or collaborate)

  • Frozen, never proliferated
    • Median cell viability typically greater than 1 million cells per vial
    • Pharmacology, Immune Oncology, Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX), 3D eX vivo (3DX), RNA/DNA/Protein
  • Tumor heterogeneity maintained (tumor, fibroblasts, immune cells, etc)

For biobank tumor tissue access, availability or R&D collaborations, please contact us using form at bottom of the page.

Biobank Characteristics & Summary:



BioBank Characteristics

Ex Vivo-ready Viable Tumor Bank

  • 58% PDX take rate (range: 31% to 100%)
    • PDX model expansion
    • Goal = 1,000’s of PDX models (see link)
  • > 90% 3DX-TGA take rate
    • Improved human TME alignment over PDX models
    • Maturing plans for 3DX-TGA model expansion
    • Goal = over 1,000 models (inquire for more details or collaborative¬†interests)

Clinical Information

  • Demographic, pathology, prior Rx, primary/recurrent, biopsy site
  • No to limited clinical outcome data on historic tumor samples (prior to 2011)

In vitro Chemosensitivity Profile (EDR)

  • >10 Treatment conditions/indication

Molecular Characterization

  • DNA/RNA/Protein (limited subsets)
  • IHC,PCR,FISH,Genomics (limited subsets)

Matched Tissue Set

  • Cryovial with FFPE block/DNA/RNA (limited)
  • Serial Biopsies over time (limited)
  • Multiple tissue collection sites (limited)

BioBank & Living Models Summary

Primary-Human Tumor Cell (PTC) Biobank


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